Geodesign barriers: the best protection against floods

Geodesign barriers have been designed for flood relief operations in the most challenging conditions imaginable. Since 1995, a growing number of flood engineers, emergency managers, urban planners and military personnel have contributed to the improvement of the Geodesign barriers, making them the products they are today, i.e., effective and efficient against floods. The use of Geodesign barriers does not require sand, water, pre-installation or tools.

In case of flooding, a quick response with Geodesign flood barriers and pumps is crucial to ensure effective protection against water damage. Critical infrastructure, such as power substations, wastewater treatment plans, hospitals, and major roads and highways, need priority flood protection to keep them functioning. Using efficient flood pumps and Geodesign flood barriers to provide reliable protection is therefore a good way to avoid major disasters.

The benefits of Geodesign flood barriers

  • Fast and easy to install
  • Lightweight materials
  • Low volume structures and easy to store
  • Robust and strong
  • Flexible
  • Sustainable
  • Versatile
  • Tested and certified

Tested and certified against floods

Geodesign barriers are certified by the BSI, the British Standards Institute, with its Kitemark license for flood barriers, PAS 1188-2: 2009. They have also been awarded the C48 quality symbol. In addition, Geodesign was named the first flood barrier company in 2003 and has since been subject to annual audits of its production line, technical improvements and financial stability.

Geodesign: Partner of the governments during the floods

After many years of providing flood barriers to local authorities and electricity utilities in England, Geodesign was named official UK supplier of flood barriers in 2016 by the UK government, in the context of the Framework Agreement of the Agency for the Protection of the Environment.

Geodesign has also provided mobile flood barriers to the governments of Romania, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia and Hungary under the EU Flood Directive. In addition, Geodesign barriers were used to create barriers and protect the city of Cologne in Germany and the state of Queensland in Australia.

Geodesign barrier series

C SERIES - CLASSIC flood barrier

Originating from the CLASSIC Geodesign barrier, this ultra-resistant flood barrier is available in heights up to 8 feet and is widely used around the world. Combining steel and aluminum, the barrier is covered with a plastic lining. The C-series flood barriers are height-expandable and also include a cheaper version with plywood marine anti-flood shields.

P SERIES - PREMIUM flood barrier

Lightweight and quick to install, the PREMIUM steel barrier is fixed in height and comes in a steel box, the volume of which is optimized to contain everything necessary for a complete installation of the flood barrier. The locking mechanisms between the shield and the front beam allow for quick installation, without the use of tools. This best-selling product has become the first choice of flood barrier in England, Sweden and Australia.


With its one-piece, non-articulating, and non-pivoting brackets, the E Series barriers are our most affordable option and offer excellent value for money. They come in two dam heights, 16 and 24 inches, making them an ideal solution for homeowners who want to prepare for floods. This premium steel barrier supports maximum water pressure and overflows up to two feet.

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