Nicolas Rivest Auger

Co-owner and diver since 2007.

Louis-Philippe Plante

Co-owner and diver since 2007.

Dany Montmarquette

Team leader, welder and diver since 2007.

Pier-Luc Brisson

Welder and diver since 2005.

Maxime Lévesque

Welder and diver since 2010.

Misael Locat Rainville

Diver since 2010.

Frédéric Gravel

Diver since 2012.

Samuel Côté

Diver since 2019.

Simon Leroy

Diver since 2018.

Nicolas Dunn

Diver since 2016.

Mikael Renaud

Diver since 2016.

Annie Morin

Inspector since 2009.

Specialized Services and
Professional Commercial Diving

Construction and demolition



Welding and Cutting