Cofferdam system for underwater works

AQUAPERA designs and supplies turnkey systems for a multitude of underwater works, such as Portadam® cofferdams. Our promise is to ensure the effectiveness of your teams, regardless of the size of the project or the conditions under which the work must be done. In this perspective, our team provides all specialized services for submerged and semi-submerged infrastructures, particularly with the help of temporary dikes called cofferdams.

Thus, we introduce the Portadam® cofferdam system. The Portadam® cofferdam consists of a temporary system of diversion, retention or dispersion of water that may be used up to a depth of 3.6 meters.

For more than 35 years, Portadam® temporary cofferdams have been synonymous with efficiency and with saving time and money. Easy to use, the Portadam® cofferdam is the optimal system for any type of construction and repair requiring a dry portion.

Use of Portadam® cofferdams

  • Bridge pillar rehabilitation
  • Dam rehabilitation
  • Boat ramp installation
  • Immersed water intake installation
  • Flood protection

Rental and installation of Portadam® cofferdams

Efficiency and speed

Aquapera is the reference for the rental and installation of temporary cofferdam systems, such as Portadam®. It is a safe and cost-effective solution for companies and organizations wishing to build, renovate or repair structures on the water, but is also an effective means of protection during floods.

Vertidam: the alternative to Portadam® cofferdams

You have to do underwater work at more than 3.6 meters deep? Vertidam®-type cofferdam systems are a valuable alternative to Portadam® cofferdams, since they allow for direct anchoring to structures and therefore go where Portadam® reaches its limits.

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