Cofferdam system for underwater works

Our certified divers teams allow us to put our expertise in submarine and maritime work at the service of our customers. This involves providing rental and installation of portable cofferdams, such as Vertidam® systems, for the execution of all types of underwater work, be they complete underwater constructions, repair or demolition work.

Our R&D department has developed the Vertidam® portable cofferdam system for installation where Portadam® cofferdams reach their limits, i.e. where the water is deeper than 3.6 meters.

The Vertidam® modular cofferdam is designed to anchor to concrete structures. Once the cofferdam is anchored and assembled on the structure to be repaired, a waterproof membrane covers the cofferdam. Then, thanks to the Vertidam® cofferdam system, you can pump water and perform dry underwater work.


Use of Vertidam® cofferdams

  • Bridge pillar rehabilitation
  • Wharf rehabilitation
  • Dam rehabilitation

Rental and installation of Vertidam® cofferdams

Efficiency and speed

Do your underwater work with confidence with the Vertidam® cofferdam system rental and installation service. Vertidam® cofferdams make it possible to carry out repairs of any kind efficiently and quickly, even in very deep water.

Portadam®: first choice cofferdams

Unlike Vertidam® cofferdams, the Portadam® cofferdam system is a temporary system of diversion, retention or dispersion of water intended for work on the surface (less than 3.6 meters deep). It is the first choice of contractors for the rental and installation of temporary dikes, during floods or underwater works.

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